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is the feeding principle implying one nourishes

oneself completely with edible parts of plant fruits of which

the natural inner structure hasn’t been changed by human intervention.



It’s a well-known fact that already many want to avoid the negative effects that use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizer in the cultivation are supposed to have for nutritivity of foodstuff, by in principle only consuming so called “organic food”, because that food is cultivated without use of the mentioned chemical products.

Although the main reason for this avoidance can also be environment friendlyness, no doubt to many it’s the fact that residues of both kinds of chemicals use to be found inside fruits, for the cultivation of which they are used.
As for pesticides the cause of this phenomenon is considered to be the fact that after they have been sprayed on the fruits, they most likely partly get into them.
As for fertilizer the cause is considered to be in the fact that after he is strewn on the ground he dissolves in rainwater and subsequently sinks into the bottom together with that water, where it will be sucked up by the roots of plants, after which it will also get into those plant’s fruits.

Also a well-known fact is that many already want to avoid the negative effects that preparing food by use of heat or fire in their vision has for nutrivity, by in principle only consuming food in its raw shape. “Raw-foodism” is the name of this feeding-principle.

Of course it also occurs that one adheres both principles at the same time.
A reason for this can be that one simply wants to avoid as many negative effects of whatever factors on nutritivity of their food and as a result on their personal well-being and health.

In case that’s ones intention, there are several other factors as well, of which one has to avoid the unwanted effect that they change(d) the natural inner structure of their foodstuff, in order to be sure that their food’s nutritivity can’t have been deteriorated as a result of that kind of changes.

Those other factors are:

•  Genetical modification
•  Use of non-chemical pesticides in the cultivation
•  Use of manure in the cultivation
•  Chemical food dye
•  Addition of microbes killing substances such as chemical preservatives
•  Freezing
•  Irradiation

In other words: the striving to eat only food of which the natural inner microbial and molecular structure is perfectly unimpaired, (or at least as unimpaird as possible), includes substancially more than what the two already well-known feeding principles called “Organic-foodism” and “Raw-foodism” include together.
This principle of only eating food of which the natural inner structure hasn’t been changed in any way in general is called “Pure-Foodism”.
As far as it is adhered by people who also adhere Fructism, it is called “Pure-Fructarianism”.

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As was briefly touched on above already, the main reason why those who want the natural inner structure of their food not to be changed, is in the fact that in their vision such a change as good as always comes down to a deterioration of that food’s nutritivity and as a result will lead to a proportional reduction of their well-being and health. The legitimacy of this is confirmed in the following overview:

•  Chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizer are both chemical products that no doubt are harmfull for health and well-being in case they are eaten by humans due to the fact that a certain quantity of them found itself on and/or inside used foodstuff.

An additional reason for avoiding food in the cultivation of which these chemicals are used is in the fact that their production and use are environmentally harmfull.
“Organic food” is grown without use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizer, so that bying in principle only this food is a way to avoid this environmental harm.

•  Non-chemically-synthetic pesticides, that often are used in organic cultivation, may have less grave environmental drawbacks than chemical ones, but still mostly are substances one prefers not to consume together with one’s food; hardly anybody for instance will have a strong wish to daily eat a certain quantity of soap, mineral oil, iron phosphate, bacterial preparations, sulphate (banned in certain, but not in all countries), or pyrethrin.

•  Genetic modification by definition changes the natural inner structure of fruits (like soy beans).

Although official authorities mostly point out that use of food containing genetic modificated elements is safe for health, experiments have shown that animals that were fed with just genetic modified food, after a while became afflicted with serious health disorders.
To those who know and believe in the system of nature this is not surprising; to them it’s clear that there is no way at all in which humans can circumvent this system by technical means. Continuing to try this in fact is continuing to commit the hereditary sin (of haughtiness) which is known to be the cause of “banishment from earthly paradise” (in fact ending up in an environment that more and more is losing its original paradisal character).
Organic food in principle doesn’t contain any genetically modified elements.

•  Animal manure in itself can be considered a natural product; in nature there mostly are some free animals strolling in places where edible fruits carrying trees find oneselves and yes, those animals from time to time drop something on the ground under those trees. But that is only a minimal fraction of what is deposited there, when manure is used as a fertilzer. As a result in the last mentioned case the chance is proportionally bigger that a quantity of that dung, after having been resolved in rainwater, together with that rainwater will be sucked up by the plants’ roots and from there gets into its leafs and fruits.
It may be called very unlikely that eating animal dung is conducive for one’s health (and not the opposite).
Apart from that one can simply dislike the idea that this is one of the components of one’s meal.
Another reason to avoid this factor can be that as a vegan one is against animal husbandry and therefore against use of its dung as well.

•  Certain fruits such as citrus where appropriate are coloured with chemical food dye such as Citrus Red 2 .
In case one wants to avoid the health risks that eating those fruits is said to involve, one can buy organic ones, as chemical food dyes in principle never are used relative to organic food.

•  Preparing foodstuff by use of heat or by directly exposing it to fire implies that many microbes including vitamins inside that foodstuff die, as a result of which they will not be able any more to carry out their important fuctions inside the body. This deterioration of the food’s nutritivity doesn’t take place in case the relevant foodstuff can very well be and is eaten raw.
Furthermore according to raw-foodists preparing food by use of heat or fire causes developement of toxins in that foodstuff. Many know by now how difficult is can be to get rid of them again and what can be the health-consequences when they’re not removed one way or another; not only raw-foodists are convinced that here’s a main cause of common deseases like cancer, obesitas, diabetes, heart trouble and more.

•  Addition of microbes-killing seasonings or preservatives to foodstuff by definition results in a deterioration of the foods nutritivity. For especcially when added for preservation it’s the elimination of life inside the foodstuff that is aimed for, as it’s that (microbial) life which causes the food’s gradual putrefaction. Salt, vinager, chemical preservatives, alcohol, as well as to a certain extent even pepper and mustard, are such microbe-killing (or c.q. at least inactivating) substances.

•  Freezing foodstuff in order to store it also has a deteriorating effect on its nutritivity, as many microbes inside are killed or at least damaged by the cold.

An additional reason to avoid frozen food can be in the wish not to contribute to the environmental degradation that is a result of the not inconsiderable power consumption storing food by freezing it takes.

•  Irradiation of food kills all or most of life inside the fruits and hence most of its vitamins. So it’s not surprising that many who are aware of this, waive convenience of “ready to eat” fruits.
This the more because they know that as a result of this treatment a quantity of radio-activity stays behind inside the fruits, even though this quantity is said to be very small.

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